Risoul 1850
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This page is provided just to give you some technical information about the facilities available.

Firstly the opening of the electricity is at the meter which is right behind the falling door. Open the door and turn the orange button. You have there a few spare fuses in case.

To open the water shutoff valves generally hot and cold water are in the toilet. Open the door just above the flush.

For heating you have three radiators available

In the foyer / kitchen above the door an infrared heater with 2 positions 600 or 1200 watts. You activate by pulling the string on his right one click for 600 and second for 1200 and another to stop

Chauffage In the bathroom (Ci-cons right) with a fan heater with on off button and a second to raise the thermostat. Chauffage salle de bain
In the living room against the wall a radiant heater 1500 watts. You will activate the buttons that are on its upper part. Left switched on throughout your stay to that regulates temperature.